Star Date: 10.26.18 - 316 days


Our Policies are for your protection.

Credit Cards does not save credit card information in it's databases.  All credit cards are processed through our PayPal account or Event Brite.  

Your Personal Information

Star Trek Association of the Northeast will not share your personal information with any third party organization.


Northeast Trek Con is a mostly PG-13 event.  Costumes and other cosplay items must reflect that idea.  

Weapons and Props 

Northeast Trek Con follows all New York state and federal laws. No substance or devices forbidden by New York state or federal laws will be permitted at Northeast Trek Con. Any convention attendee who is found to be breaking a state or federal law will be reported to the Albany police.

All props must be inspected and piece-bonded by Northeast Trek Con security staff at their table located in the main lobby across from registration. Northeast Trek Con security and the department chairs reserve the right to deem a prop or item unsuitable for any reason, and may ask the owner of the item to remove it from the convention.

Northeast Trek Con will not allow any firearms. Any attendee found to be carrying a firearm will be ejected from the convention, have their badge confiscated and will not be allowed to return to Northeast Trek Con .

Prop Gun Rules:

  • Must have brightly colored barrel tip. No exceptions.
  • Absolutely no projectiles are to be shot either inside or outside the hotel.
  • Projectiles include, but are not limited to: BB’s, Nerf darts, arrows, water, etc.
  • Airsoft or paintball guns must be permanently disabled in order to be piece-bound

Prop Weapon Rules:

  • Attendees must be able to easily handle any prop or costume piece without hindering their own movement or the movement of other attendees. If this is not possible, you may be asked to remove it from the convention.
  • No sharp edges or points of any kind. Anything sharp needs to be filed down to be acceptable.
  • NO LIVE STEEL. Northeast Trek Con defines live steel as any prop with a metal blade or non-metal blades with a metal edge. It does not have to be sharp in order to be considered live steel.
  • No loose glitter, confetti, or any other item that may leave a mess behind when you leave.

If any prop is used in a threatening or violent manner, the wielder of the prop (and its owner if not in possession of their property at the time) may be subject to punishment up to and including removal from the convention and not be allowed to return. Appropriate action will be taken depending on the severity of the offense.

Please keep in mind that you are responsible for your own props. A poor decision made by another person in possession of your prop affects you just as much as it does them.