Dr. George Berg

Dr. George Berg

Associate Professor, University at Albany

Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, and Robotics-related Technologies

Reflections Forward in Time: The Star Trek TOS Vision of Artificial Intelligence in 2018

Programming Schedule: To Be Announced


George has been interested in technology, and its relationship to people all his life. This is no doubt in part due to his waving watched Star Trek (TOS) when it was first broadcast when he was a child. In the 70s, he took advantage of emerging technologies of the time to learn how to program computers. He went on theft undergraduate degrees in Economics and Computer Studies, and a Ph.D. in Computer Science, all from Northwestern University in Evanston.

While in graduate school, George became interested in Artificial Intelligence, initially in natural language processing, using machine learning to teach computers how to understand human languages. Since then he has applied machine learning techniques to problems in protein biology, financial market regulation, and cybersecurity. He is also working with students on projects related to 3D printing, robotically-enhanced prosthetics, and meteorological data collection. Through all of this, George, has been a lifelong fan of the Star Trek universe, and of science fiction in general.

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