Tim McCormack

Tim McCormack


Star Trek: The Next Generation

Tim "Spike" McCormack appeared as regular in the role of Ensign Bennett throughout the first four years on Star Trek: The Next Generation. He was shooting a movie of the week when Ed Brown - the cinematographer for The Next Generation - told him that they were casting, and was then cast in the role of Ensign Bennett.  Tim also served as the main stand-in for Data actor Brent Spiner, as well as over 30 other stand-in roles in The Next Generation.

McCormack has a BA from SUNY Geneseo as well as an MFA in Directing from Florida State University. He has acted in and directed over 300 production all over the country. Over his many years of acting, he has secured a great number of guest appearances on TV shows, most notably "The Chauffeur" for Charleston Heston on The Colby's.  In addition to his television career, he has acted in both the critically acclaimed film Gal Youngin' and the historically bad horror film Straight Jacket.  McCormack has also lent his voice to a number of voice-overs. 

Tim has three daughter, Honora, Oona, and Mailli, of whom he is very proud. 



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