Midnight Rogue Cosplay and  Lady Bridget Cosplay

Midnight Rogue + Lady Bridget Cosplay

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Lady Bridget Cosplay

Name: Bridget

Special Guest!  Bridget's service dog will also be attending, and she has her very own Instagram! https://www.instagram.com/lessa.pawter.service.dog/

Lady Bridget Cosplay started out in the cosplay and re-enactment world in the Oklahoma and Midwest circuit and has recently moved into the New York circuit. She can often be found with her nose in a book or debating fandom theories with friends. Her life long dream is to own a Tribble. 


Midnight Rogue Cosplay

Name: Rogue

Midnight Rogue Cosplay started out in the re-enactment world before falling in love and transitioning into the cosplay community. When out in the wild the lone Rogue can be found guzzling coffee, playing tabletop games with friends, and nerding out.

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