Alison Kenyon

Alison Kenyon

Body painting,

Skin Wars Season 3 Runner-Up

Alison Kenyon has been turning people into walking works of art since 1993.  Always driven to create, she actually came to body painting through the back door of theatrical performance- as a  clown and fire swallower. So she is always looking for new ways to incorporate theatrics and immersive experience into her art.

From the moment her little hand could grasp a pen, she began drawing- and drawing- and drawing.  At that same tender age, circa 1973, Star Trek was her favorite show- so much so that she learned to tell time based around when Trek came on (six o’clock).  Doctor McCoy was her first crush, which led to her family nickname- “McCoy”.

Her clean lines, vibrant color combos, and buttery brush blending landed her in second place on Season 3 of the hit competition reality show Skin Wars.  Cool side note- the show was hosted by Rebecca Romjin, who will soon be joining the Star Trek family reprising Majel Barret’s “Number One” role.

Also a lifelong learner, biology, astronomy, cosmology, and physics have always been favorite subjects to study and incorporate into her artwork.  Weird bioluminescent sea creatures, bizarre mushrooms, and swirling galaxies keep finding their way into her body paintings.

Alison will be available in the Exhibit Hall to offer body painting, "extreme" face painting, and special FX / character makeup

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