Northeast Trek Con Welcomes Chase Masterson

  and Proudly Supports Her Anti-Bullying Organization

Chase Masterson
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Northeast Trek Con is pleased to welcome Chase Masterson to the list of guests coming to our first annual science fiction convention.  As excited as we are to have her in the fold to meet fans, sign autographs and take photos, we are overwhelmed at the prospect of helping promote her anti-bullying organization, Pop Culture Hero Coalition

Masterson won over the hearts of Trekkies everywhere with her character Leeta in the 90's sci-fi show, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Leeta, a Bajoran Dabo girl in Quark's bar, was employed to draw in customers with her charm and good looks but ultimately needed to understand the mathmatics of a given game in order to assure a house victory. The depth of the character gave a unique twist the the cliche 'bimbo' stereotype.

Chase Masterson's work on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine has not gone overlooked in these past 20 years. 2004 saw her named one of the world's "50 Sexiest Women" by Femme Fatales and "favorite Science Fiction Actress on Television" in a TV Guide reader's poll. AOL named her on of the "Ten Sexiest Aliens on TV" in 2009 and also reported that "Masterson is regulary voted the most popular guest at Star Trek conventions."

Masterson was able to give a small reprise to her role in 2010 when she did the voice of Leeta, as a hologram, in Cryptic Studios' Star Trek Online .

Pop Culture Hero Coalition was founded in 2013 by Masterson and co-founders Carrie Goldman and Matt Langdon. This amazing organization exists as a support network to stand against bullying, racism, misogyny, cyber-bullying, LGBT-bullying, and other forms of hate by using the phenomenal popularity of media to bring justice and healing. When asked in an interview what compelled her to get involved, she quoted, "I have spoken to so many fans who have been victims of bullying. I wanted to do something to support pop culture fans who have been bullied — to help them feel seen and heard, to encourage them to celebrate exactly who they are." For all of us self-proclaimed geeks out there, we can likely relate. Being bullied has a way of making you feel alone. Pop Culture Hero Coalition inspires those victims who feel lost to understand that they are strong and perfect just the way they are.


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