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Celebrating LGBTQ in Star Trek

  Gaaays In Spaaace Tours the Country

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STAR TREK Takes First New Step Toward Universal Equality in Over 21 Years by Finally Featuring Openly Gay Character in Latest Feature Film

The LGBTQ Community can finally see itself reflected on screen alongside the iconic heroes that we’ve looked up to for years and the Gaaays In Spaaace celebration tour is going to make sure that we get to celebrate this astounding step forward in equality.

On July 22, 2016 the STAR TREK franchise took an impressive, albeit long overdue, step forward by finally featuring an openly Gay character in their latest feature film, STAR TREK: BEYOND.

Regardless of the controversy over whom they chose to "make gay," this was still a HUGE step forward for the LGBTQ community in the history of the franchise.

After so many years of feeling marginalized and forgotten, the significance of seeing ourselves as active, equal members of the all-inclusive Utopian future that GENE RODDENBERRY created for mankind over half a century ago, was truly overwhelming.

As both a lifelong student of RODDENBERRY’s philosophy and a proud gay man, I felt it was my responsibility to make sure that this moment in history was properly commemorated and so I created a multi-city, cross country celebration tour called, Gaaays In Spaaace.

We hosted the first official Gaaays In Spaaace celebration in Las Vegas, NV on Thursday, August 4th during Creation Entertainment's Annual STAR TREK Convention and were blown away by the positive response we received.

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