3 New Guests Announced!

  Max Grodénchik, Tim McCormack, and John Paladin

3 New Guests
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Northeast Trek Con welcomes Max Grodénchik!! The Grand Nagus himself! Now we're got the whole family: Rom, his son Nog, and his wife Leeta! Max is well loved in the convention circuit for being approach and we're looking forward to his great sense of humor!

We're also excited to host actor Tim McCormack! Tim played Ensign Barrett throughout seasons 1-4 of The Next Generation, and served as the main stand-in for Brent Spiner, in addition to many other stand-in roles. Tim has got the best insider TNG information and memorabilia, in addition to a Q&A he will be hosting an auction of rare items not be missed!

Want to see the actors in their character makeup? You got it!! John Paladin will be at our con to makeup most of the Star Trek actors as their original characters that they portrayed - which means much cooler photo ops for you!! We will release more information about photo ops in the coming weeks.

September 9, 2018 September 9, 2018 Northeast Trek Con Blog Posting 3 New Guests Announced! Max Grodénchik, Tim McCormack, and John Paladin